Naturally Perfect Imperfection

IF YOU WANT something made just for you, custom-built to fit the TRUE size of your room, tailored to REVEAL your style, to SUPREMELY meet the needs of your family, ENDURE for next generation, with the unique code of ORIGIN, choose NATU.

YOU WILL GET one piece tables made of 150 years old Oak tree designed by Mother Nature and adapted by human hands. Unique table, customized to you, your family, your home, your job, and your lifestyle.

Each table top is made from a single, exceptionally high quality White Oak, with unique code of year of nascency. We create a timeless, unique, and superb design based on an ethical business strategy that supports local people, traditional woodworking techniques, and respect the nature of the wood.

And if you believe in „Naturaly Perfect Imperfection“ than you should make your own unique table.